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The Memorial Day Writers' Project

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The following books were written by veterans (or friends of veterans) who have read with the Memorial Day Writers' Project on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Bergman, Douglas. Names I Can't Remember: An 'Assassin' Confesses, ISBN 0-9759177-0-6, 316 pgs. Copies should be available in August 2005.

Campbell, John. They Were Ours: Glouecester County: Loss in Vietnam, ISBN 0-9705231-0-6, 323 pgs. John served with the 335th Radio Research Company outside of Saigon and Can Tho. John chronicled the lives of 43 young residents of Glouecester County, New Jersey; residents who lost their lives in Vietnam. His book may be ordered from www.theywereours.com.

Christofferson, Scott. Your Hero And Mine, Scott. ISBN 10: 0-9817978-0-6 pbk. 178 pgs. Letters from Scott telling of his experiences as a young combat reporter with 101st Airbotne Division.

Edelman, Bernard. Editor. Dear America, Letters Home from Vietnam, ISBN 0-393-32404-8 pbk. 326 pgs. If you want to know about the American serviceman, about dreams and fears, about life in a war zone, read this book comprised of 200 letters written by American servicemen. Hint: Keep a box of tissues nearby.

Finch, Joseph. Angel’s Wing, A Year in the Skies of Vietnam, ISBN 0-9109155-45-3, 154 pgs. As a helicopter pilot in the 25th Aviation Battalion, A Company, “Little Bears”, Joe medically evacuated over 800 wounded soldiers. His book tells of his experiences and escapades while operating out of Chu Che. You can order his book or reach Joe at www.finchinc.org.

Haworth, Larry. Chaplain (ret) USA. Tales of Thunder Run, ISBN 1-932124-24-1, 190 pgs. Do you remember the Chaplain in MASH? Larry served in the Mekong Delta (Soc Trang) in 68 and with the 11th Armored Cavalry (Blackhorse) 69-70. Larry’s book is inspirational and humorous. He is a wonderful speaker and presenter. I hope he’ll visit with us again. We miss him.

Judge, Randy. To Nam and Back, ISBN 1-59526-316-0, 99 pgs. Randy was a member of the Little Bears, 25th Aviation Division. His book conveys the everyday life of a slick pilot in Vietnam and his adjustment to life back home. His book is immersed in Louisiana flavoring where duty, honor, humor, and family life thrive. A delightful read. Randy’s book can be purchased at www.gumbofly.com.

Ketwig, John. …And a Hard Rain Fell: A GI’s True Story of the War in Vietnam, ISBN 0-671-68054-4, 336 pgs. This was one of the first Vietnam era books I read. John brings it all together in black and white. The excitement, pain, boredom, sadness, joy, and the impact of war on our youth and our nation.

Kyle, Robert H. The Fifth Season, ISBN 1-932433-06-6, 380 pgs.  An impressive novel portraying daily events of common men in an uncommon situation. A great read. Robert was a Corpsman in the Korean conflict and served in Vietnam in 67 to 68.

Morris, Richard. Cologne No. 10 for Men, ISBN , A catch 22 look at life with the 1st Cav.

Lacombe, Tom Light Ruck, Vietnam 1969 ISBN 1-893846-56-3, A year in the life of a grunt.

O’Neill, Susan. Don’t Mean Nothing: Short Stories of Vietnam, ISBN 0-345-44608-9, 252 pgs. Powerful, provocative, and funny. Susan gives us a nurse’s view with insight, compassion, humor, and anger with 18 short stories set in the hospitals of Phu Bai, Chu Lai, and Ch Chi. A wonderful read.

Powell, Mary Reynolds. A World of Hurt: Between Ignorance and Arrogance in Vietnam, ISBN 0-9665319-5-7, 171 pgs.  Mary served with the USANC at the 24th Evac Hospital at Long Binh 70-71.  She gives us 22 stories from “Oh-h-h Shit, what have I gotten myself into…? to ”I haven’t had a bath in a year.”  She brings it all back and opens the doors and windows to let the air flow through.  Mary’s book may be ordered from www.greenleafenterprises.com.

Roper, Jim. Quoth the Raven , ISBN 1-59129-051-1. 354 pgs.  The experience of a Covey Forward Air Controller patrollinfg the skys over Laos.

Spearman, Carey, J. Vietnam Veterans’ Homecoming: Crossing the Line, ISBN 0-9663393-5-5. 113 pgs.  Cary spends a lot of time with vets who suffer from PTSD. This is a candid conversation from one vet to another. Powerful. Penetrating. Profound.

Chapbooks and Poetry

Epstein, Richard. Editor. A Common Bond, A Product of the Memorial Day Writers' Project, ISBN 1-89210911-5, 151 pgs. This is a 151-page anthology of poetry written by participants of the Memorial Day Writer's Project. The anthology includes the poetry of 13 American and 11 Vietnamese veterans. The book includes a 77 photographs in addition to photos of each American author and a generous sampling of memories and emotion.

Inman, V. K. Our Most Noble Victory: Poems on the Vietnam Experience, Booklet and Audio Tape, ISBN 0-913551-02-3, 24 pgs As an Marine Corps officer, he is tough and no nonsense on the outside and sensitive and warm on the inside.  His work shows his patriotism, compassion, and pride.

Lynda van DeVanter, Editor, Visions of War, Dreams of Peace, ISBN 0-446-39251-0. 214 pgs. Poetry by women who lived and worked in Vietnam. Heartfelt, Powerful, Gut Wrenching.

Pardue, Kerry.   Poems in the Keys of Life: Reflections of a Combat Medic, ISBN 1-4137-7194-7, Publish America, 101 pages.  Kerry's poetry is sincere and communicative.  His book can be obtained at most book stores or from his own Web site at http://www.freewebs.com/kerrypardue .

Shuster, Dana. Battle Dressing, Poems about the journey of a Nurse in Vietnam, Writers League Press. 24 pgs. This is an award winning chapbook and it doesn't take long to see why. Dana is frank, insightful, tender, and strong. Yeah, nurses were all those things. You can order a copy at www.illyria.com

Todd, Doug. Aftermath: A Song for Tyrone, ISBN 0-9748463-0-9, 153 pgs. Doug served with the 1st Battalion of the 9th Marines. This is a book of poetry about the Vietnam war, about death, pain, and healing. Through poetry, Doug depicts the spiritual journey of one Marine and his connection with all veterans and all wars. It's a story of healing.

Watts, Holley. Who Knew? Reflections on Vietnam, A pictorial trip down memory lane. These are touching vignettes from a Donut Dolly assigned to the 1st Cav at An Khe circa 66-67. Full of photos and memories.

Zacharias, Karen Spears. Hero Mama: A Daughter Remembers the Father She Lost in Vietnam and the Mother Who Held Her Family Together, ISBN 0060721480. William Morrow Co., 2005,  Karen’s book may be ordered from www.heromama.org

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