Sistah Joy

As a literary activist, Sistah Joy ‘Matthews Alford’ presents poetry of conscience, poetry workshops, and speaks to audiences on issues that contribute to personal and global peace through poetry. Sistah Joy offered these poems in tribute to all who serve and/or have served our country through military service.


I Remember

Family, friends
Holidays, week-ends
Summertime cookouts and vacations

He was part of it all
I remember his laughter
Loud and strong
With hugs, like his heart, bigger than life
When he chose

Then, there were the other times
When he, like the whistle of a train
Moving too fast
Became distant
Vanishing as it blew
Standingright in front of you
But gone,
Nowhere to be found
I choose to remember the him
That made the ordinary more memorable
Just because he was there

I miss him
Miss the moments that would have been his
The moments that shout in silence
Of his absence
The years do not ease my loss
They merely give echo to his memory
Absent or otherwise
He helped shape my today Helped to shape me
Gave the best part
Of himself
To all he loved
Then he was simply

I Proudly Wave The Flag

I proudly wave the flag
America’s flag
But only if the stars
Aren’t dipped with daggers
And the stripes don’t strangle
Hopes, dreams and aspirations
I proudly wave the flag
America’s flag
The flag of those who know justice and liberty
Must be unilaterally dispensed within and beyond her shores
I proudly wave the flag
America’s flag
The flag of brave citizens of conscience who will never hide behind it
Citizens who refuse to be blind to crimes falsely committed in her name
Citizens who wave it to confront bigotry and shame
Denouncingvenomous flags that once waved
And those still waving on ships which enslave through cargo holds of death
and destruction
I proudly wave the flag and stand firm knowing my nation’s integrity
Guides how high the flag will fly. I wave it and shout welcoming cries to new tomorrows
Where equality in boardrooms, courtrooms and classrooms is a reality for all citizens of this country
I proudly wave the flag andwill not be divided from my sisters and brothers
By lesser views that would hold me from my rightful pride
I decry all who dishonor and disgrace with fabricated stories of guts and glory what the flag represents
Those boasting with arrogance and greed of a righteous might while maligning national pride
I proudly wave the flag and continue to do my part
Ensuring democracy is strong within our shores; removing barriers, opening doors, and yes, remembering when
So for the elders, the children and all of tomorrow’s champions
Who fervently search the horizon to see if the flag waves for them
I stand vigilant and proudly wave the flag